WHY EAT ORGANIC …..the importance of eating organic and/or from farmers that practice organic processes (which the farmers of Farmigo do) .  Eating organic is about safeguarding our own and our family’s health.  It’s about avoiding chemical additives and GMOS’s.  It’s about eating food that is naturally higher in phytonutrients because it has been grown slowly, without chemical fertilizers speeding up the plants growth and disruption, their natural uptake and synthesis of nutrition.  It’s about tree-ripened fruits and vegetables that have grown naturally, unadulterated by chemical pesticides.  It’s also about trying interesting heirloom varieties that have been bred for flavor not for productivity and shelf life (take the watermelon radishes, if you have not tried them I encourage you to do so!!)  Eating organic is about encouraging biodiversity, protecting honeybees and butterflies and everything above them in the food chain, from birds to beasts and ultimately humans.  It is about caring if our rivers and oceans are free from pesticides and residues and if farm animals are humanely reared.  It is about conserving America’s natural beauty and helping small family farms.  It is about cooking consciously.  IT IS ABOUT FULLY ENJOYING WHAT YOU COOK AND WHAT YOU EAT.