Have you ever stopped to wonder why you should eat seasonally?  Here are 5 reasons:
1)      Flavor– seasonal vegetables are freshly picked, they are sweeter, crisper and jammed full of taste.
2)      Fresher-no long transport time, no long store room time, no holding time.  Just picked and delivered within 48hrs is the PROMISE that FARMIGO makes.
3)      Price-buying fresh and local is much cheaper than buying transported products.  Just fill up a cart at Mrs. Greens or Whole Foods.
4)      High Nutritional Value-veggies left in storage lose essential vitamins and minerals. The longer they sit around the more their structure breaks down. Hence, old potatoes go soft.  As the carbohydrates break down they become sweeter and duller in taste, INCREASING THE CALORIES.
5)      Nature– to be more in tune with Nature and the Natural cycles of local foods.  For thousands of years we’ve eaten the foods that surround us and that’s the food that suits our natural balance.