What My Clients Are Saying

I want to thank you so much for helping me get my type 2 diabetes diagnosis under control.  As you know, before I began working with you, my doctor gave me a negative report regarding my levels.  However since you have been working with me and educating me on the power of food, I have learned a tremendous amount about timing, selections as well as all different foods, sugar, glucose, starch, and how it all gets processed.  I am happy to report 3 months later that I had my glucose levels tested again and A1C. I got them down to 88 and 4.7 which is perfect! I now have to keep them that way…Thank you again for all of your help!!!!!


I cannot thank you enough.  Since doing your elimination cleanse and 3 month program I am so happy to report that I feel the best I have ever felt.  I am no longer needing to take my rheumatoid arthritis medicine and shots!!!!  I have lost 30 pounds and have more energy then ever before!!!!!  Thank you so much for all of your time and effort!!!!


Susan, I really enjoyed doing your cleanse. You absolutely exude passion about and enthusiasm for helping people with their diets which also ties into life.  It wasn’t really hard because I never really felt hungry and the foods were yummy.  My favorite part was definitely the inspirational quotes every morning.  They really kept me going.  I’m glad I was able to do this now because it is a great kickstart to the summer;  my stomach is much flatter.

 I’m happy to continue with your Farmigo food.
XO Best, Nurit

Susan’s personalized and tailored approach to my weight loss goals made her regime fun and exciting to follow.  She taught me a great deal about making healthier choices, reading food labels and overall how important it is to eat clean food.  After two weeks on the cleanse I feel amazing and super energized to keep it going and incorporate her principles into everyday practice.  Her daily emails were a success factor to staying on track and not getting overwhelmed in making changes.  Highly recommend.


Thank you so much for sitting down with both myself and my daughter….  she understands the importance of eating both before and after her practice and the importance of hydration.  I cannot thank you enough!!  My daughter is seeing the difference that food makes both on and off the field.

I would highly recommend Susan for any child athlete who is serious about their sport and taking it to the next level.

Susan, thanks so much for your help and guidance.  The cleanse taught me so much about healthy eating, way beyond weight loss.  Most importantly, it has given me a structure and way of thinking about food that I can continue to use forever.  I will never look at food labels that same way.  Because of you, I have learned to eat cleaner, whole foods and am truly enjoying the new experience.  I truly feel great.  Thanks again!!


…I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated this journey and the opportunity to do something for me.  I am much more aware…

Best, Marni

Thank you so much for your support and education through the last two weeks.  It’s been a great learning experience for me, personally… Eating in moderation is good, and choosing the healthier options is what I hope to continue with…


Bet you thought I fell off the band wagon??  Well, I didn’t and am still going strong with my new healthier way of living.   I feel great. I’ve lost weight ( not sure how much I don’t weigh myself.)  I have more energy and feel soo much healthier.  The beginning was a little struggle but once I got used to the change it has been really easy.  I have completely changed my diet.  I hope to continue but this has made me to be more mindful.  Do I really want that chocolate covered twinkie??  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  It was just what I needed at the perfect time.


I FEEL GREAT!!  I am committed to staying the course.  This will be my new way of eating for life.  Some of the recipes will now become staples for the entire FAMILY!!!  Thank you again for all of your support and wisdom.


I am proud to say that I’m much better at reading food labels now than I used to be.  Our supermarket tour was truly invaluable to me and my family.  This has been a terrific leanring experience for me.  Thanks for your help and your guidance!


Thank you, Susan for helping me feel fantastic!  The information and inspiration you shared was so helpful throughout this cleanse.  I tried new foods and new ways of thinking that I look forward to continuing.  I saved all of your emails in a folder so that I can refer to them in the future for more inspiration and great recipe ideas


I started working with Susan to expand my knowledge of nutrition, and she did just that and then some.  Not only did she help me fully understand the basics, she reminded me of the other types of nutrition you need in life to balance the focus on edible food for healthy weight managment.  She shifted my perspective with thougthful, informative advice and lots of encouragement along the way.  Thank you Susan!!! 


A Cleanse…I was very nervous about undertaking the obligation of a cleanse.   I go to the gym almost every morning, I work in NYC with a difficult schedule and I eat a lot!  I have done other cleanses such as Blue Pointe and other modified juice and liquid cleanses, but I was particularly excited for this food cleanse…. I also like the fact that I added and deleted different types of foods to my diet such as diary and gluten at separate times. I  felt great afterwards and the cleanse opened my eyes to the fact that I could do without certain foods (and coffee) if I put my mind to it and that my way of eating has changed for the better.  I would recommend this to any male specimen!

A Male Client

Before I met Susan I was stressed in my job and struggling to make the necessary changes in my life to become my healthiest self.  Susan’s positive attitude and support helped guide my path towards living a happier healthier life.  After working with her I am in a new job and am at my happiest place in life.  Thank you, Susan for your support!!!



The cleanse went very well for me.  I learned and relearned how to eat in a healthy way.  I was eating thoughtlessly and being lazy about buying and preparing good food.  I was eating way too much sugar and bread and thinking about food far too often.  Right now my sugar craving has been cut incrementally and I am eating a minimal amount of bread.  I have eaten lots of fruits and veggies and have cut protein portions to the correct size.  My stomach feels so much better.  I can honestly say, now that i am eating more healthfully I am less irritable!!!  Thank you again for new found knowledge.


My apology for taking so long to THANK YOU!  While I was skeptical I could give up dairy, sugar and ‘white’ based foods, I am so GLAD I made the commitment,
The program you devised was easy to follow and your daily emails informative and encouraging! I ate foods I never enjoyed before like cauliflower and lentils.  The cauliflower pizza is one of my favorite dishes these days…
…In the past 6 weeks I dropped 16.2 pounds and am sleeping better!  I continue to refer back to the package as well as your emails.

I loved your program, “Cooking Classes for You and the Helpers in Your Home”… you really helped my baby sitter understand the supermarket and how to pick the best and freshiest meats and produce.  She now understands how to read labels.  My family loves the star system that you established and they are now not complaining about having the same foods every night.

Thank you, for teaching us to eat “healthfully”.


Susan, thanks so much for your help and guidance.   The cleanse taught me so much about healthy eating, way beyond weight loss.    Most importantly, it has given me a structure and way of thinking about food that I can continue to use forever.   I will never look at food labels that same way.   Because of you, I have learned to eat cleaner, whole foods and am truly enjoying the new experience.  I truly feel great.   Thanks again!!



Dear Susan, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  I started the cleanse with the singular goal of losing weight.  It ended up being so much more.  Not only did I lose weight, but I also felt great all along the way (really!).  You introduced me to delicious foods, new recipes and a cleaner way of eating.  This became a lifestyle change for my family