Sports Nutrition

Ever wonder if you could outlast your opponents and have enough energy after a five game tournament to stay focused and score the winning goal?  Take time off of your race without training harder?  Win that third set without extra tennis lessons?  Or, even just finish your excercise class or training session with as much energy as you started?

If the answer to these questions is YES then contact me today so that we can get started and schedule a personalized sports nutrition session for you.

As an athlete, whether at the middle school, high school, collegiate, professional, or social, MITL, USTA or club level, you have specific nutritional needs.  These needs will vary depending on your age, gender, sport, current fitness level, body size and composition and current training regimen.  Athletes are training harder and harder – but not maximizing their potential.  Training and conditioning are only a piece of the sport performance puzzle.  Nutrition is often the missing link for achieving optimal health and performance.  My sports nutrition program will provide you with a customized nutritional training plan tailored to fit your daily nutritional needs before, during and after your sport.  I will provide you with tips on timing of meals and snacks as well as menu and snack suggestions.

As you know, food is important for fueling the body.   However, so often, many people just do not eat right.  Eating has become more confusing then ever with inaccurate claims from companies on their packaging. Many companies claim the word healthy but if you look at the ingredients it can be quite the opposite.  I will help to change the way you think about food.  You will learn to look at food as a way to fuel your body.  You will learn to make food choices based on nutritional needs as well as learn the importance of pairing food groups together.  Together we will build a high energy, winning, well-balanced eating plan that will help you reach optimal athletic performance and increase your energy levels.  You will be able to recover faster from training sessions and competitions as well as improve your mental clarity and focus and ultimately reach your peak performance.  Even if you are just a recreational athlete, knowing how and what to eat will help you to develop lean muscle mass and strength.

As a competitive athlete myself and a mother of two teenagers who play competitive sports, I have personally experienced the value of proper fueling, hydration and mental conditioning to maximize athletic performance.  I have come to understand the importance of mental mastery in both sport and in life.  Athletes can expect to see improvement in endurance, speed, precision, strategy and overall energy when following their personalized sports performance plan.