Skinny Your Food and Skinny Your Life

Pantry Purging

What you keep in your cupboard is likely to end up in your body.  Don’t you want to know what you are eating so you can make healthier choices?  Having an organized pantry with a range of staples and healthy options can go a long way toward helping you meet your personal food goals.  It can also save you endless time and frustration when faced with that inevitable question at the end of your long and busy day: “What’s for dinner?”  Foods containing such harmful ingredients as high fructose corn syrup, MSG,  hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners, colors and dyes are ubiquitous, hiding in everything from ketchup to cereals to frozen foods.  I will help you identify these and other harmful ingredients, and Purge them from your home and from your body!  Are you ready to clear out that junk and start fresh?

Choose From One of Two Packages:

Professional Pantry Purge Package

In-home kitchen pantry, refrigerator or freezer Perfection Purge including:

  • Clean-up, wipe-down, re-cycle, re-merchandise.
  • Product education and label reading.
  • Personalized list of Pantry-Perfect condiments.
  • Personalized list of Pantry-Perfect foods.
  • Price includes two hours in your home…….each additional hour is $100.

VIP Pantry Purge Package

Professional Pantry Purge Package along with:

  • Personalized “clean” list of your favorite food items.
  • Grocery shopping trip or 101 cooking lesson in your house to show you “Skinny Tricks for Your Basic Recipes”.