Lose body fat and build muscle! ┬áHave you ever wanted to know exactly what you should be eating and when you should eat it to obtain your ultimate goals – reach your peak performance on the field, in the gym or with your individual body? Have you been working out tirelessly for years and still not obtaining the body that you desire? This program is geared towards you. It is for both the athlete who is working out but not attaining the results that they wish and for the person who has tried other fad diets only to go back to their old ways.

The bathroom scale can show you how much you have gained or lost in pounds, however, it gives you no information as to whether the change is from fat or muscle With my state of the art body composition technology we can determine your percentage of body fat as well as lean muscle. Research has shown that this is more accurate and useful for tracking progress over time. My program is designed so that we can ensure that the weight you are losing is from fat and not muscle. We can also determine if the weight you are gaining (if gaining muscle is your goal) is also coming from muscle and not fat. I will have you eating lots of lean protein, fruits, vegetables and complex carbs at certain times throughout the day. My plan is about teaching you the foundations to living and eating healthfully!! What can be measured can be managed

SHRED-IT 3 Month Customized Plan includes:

  • The food based plan with recipes.
  • Emails and blogs while on the cleanse to educate and keep you motivated and focused.
  • Weekly log that is sent to me to keep you accountable throughout the journey.
  • Unlimited emails and texts with a guaranteed response within 48-72 hours.
  • Bi-monthly body composition measurements while on program.

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September 12, 2015

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