One of the biggest barriers to eating healthily can be not knowing how to cook your own food so that it is both nutritious and enjoyable.  If you are lacking experience in the kitchen it can be intimidating figuring out where to start.  The best thing to do is jump right into it!  Every mistake will only add to your experience and knowledge and make you a better cook.
I’ve always enjoyed cooking (when I have time) but a turning point in my life was when I was able to use food as therapy.  Tackling a new recipe or mastering a new technique is an amazing confidence booster, and that confidence spills over into other areas of your life.  When you’re able to cook for yourself you are taking control of your health, your weight and your energy levels.
Planning is essential.  Set a date with yourself once a week to do meal prep for the week.  I understand that life is busy and it can be hard to find time for you.  As a personal nutrition coach myself, I can help you get started by creating an individualized nutrition plan, taking you on an educational grocery tour and reviewing your pantry contents.  I can also give one-on-one cooking lessons in your home and plan and prep 7 days worth of healthy meals.
Sometimes, I get home after a long day and realize that I haven’t had time to do my own shopping or meal prep, let alone cook.  It’s perfectly natural to place other things at the top of your list of priorities, whether it be your children, your spouse, your pet, friends or work.  It is essential for your health and wellness to put the right fuel in your body.
Being organized and knowing that you have all of your meals prepared and ready to go will leave you at ease and with a sense of calm.  I take the time to cook several meals at once and then portion them out for the week.  This strategy allows me to focus more of my time and energy on other endeavors throughout the week, fueled by homemade healthy food.  It is very easy to forget to plan and skip meals or eat something that you know isn’t a good choice.  Those poor choices will catch up to you in the way that you feel and the way that you look.  You can begin with something as simple as chopping up your favorite vegetables the night before to add to your morning omelet or making your salad dressing from scratch to use for the week.
As you add structure to your cooking and eating routines, you can extend this discipline to other areas of your life.  Start to make wellness dates with yourself.  Sign up for your favorite exercise class or perhaps just get outside and start moving!!  Establish a calming yoga routine before you go to bed at night or try a daily 20 minute walk on your lunch break.  If you write it down and make it official you’re more likely to complete your goal.  It is so nourishing for your body and therapeutic for your mind. Try it!