Cooking Classes

For You and/or the Helpers in Your Home, Specializing in Picky Kids

How to Shop and Cook Healthful, Family-Friendly Meals

This program is for moms, nannies, housekeepers and caretakers of all kinds!  Are chicken fingers, fries and pizza considered “staples” in your home?  Do your kids resist veggies and have limited palates?  Do you want to learn how to cook healthy meals that everyone in your family is going to like?  Do you want to learn how food and lifestyle choices affect health and how to make the right choices to look and feel your best each and every day?  Are you a working parent who is tired of coming home late only to have to take something out of your freezer?  Or better yet, are you just tired of trying to come up with, “What’s for Dinner?”

I GET IT – I was once in your shoes…. I would come home to find that my daughter had engulfed a whole box of Goldfish.  The dinner that was cooked by my babysitter was made with so much oil/butter and was consistently inedible.  We would then have to go pick up a pizza which was the last thing I wanted anyone in my family to be eating on a regular basis.

We moms do most of the cooking in the family on limited time and have limited ideas of what to make.  Sometimes many of the nannies or housekeepers try to help out but may not know healthful ways to improve children’s eating habits.  My goal is to educate all to be able to make easy, flavorful, healthy meals that the whole family will be able to enjoy.  In addition, I offer a program to help organize your babysitter, to teach them how to make up the meal plans for the week and then shop for them, taking that extra burden off of you.


Let’s Customize a Cooking Plan to Meet Your Needs:

Four hours in your house, plus the cost of food.  This will include a consultation to determine the foods that you like to eat as well as a supermarket tour to educate and teach you how to navigate and make healthful choices.   We will develop a plan with at least 10 choices for either breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides and snacks.  Once decided, I will then come to your home and cook with either you or your helper, teaching how to cook the meals you chose, talking about healthy eating and healthy swaps, educating about foods to always have on hand in your household, portion sizes, storage and preparations.  Let’s face it, if the food is not cut up and on display, it will never be eaten.  $650.  My hourly rate thereafter to come back and cook is $100 with a half hour minimum.

Let’s Start Learning and Cooking:

Approximately three and a half hours, plus the cost of the food.  This includes a food shopping tour where you or your home helper learns the proper foods and staples to buy so that you are organized and ready to go.  This package also includes a personalized cooking class.  You will choose four dishes according to what your family would like best from a list that I provide you.  $450


I will introduce your babysitter to a system of choosing weekly meals for your family for you to approve for the following week.  This will help take the pressure off of you to constantly decide what is for dinner.  They can then keep the recipes in a notebook to be rotated every three to four weeks.  Cost $150.

Let’s Cook:

$300 for a two and a half hour session plus the cost of food.  You will choose four dishes (two main meals, vegetables, snacks, dressings etc.)  This package is for either a one-on-one session or up to two people. ($50 charge per person for three or more people.)

Let’s Learn:

$225 per one and a half hour session plus the cost of food. This package focuses on one of the following topics:  smoothies, grains, baking, fish/meats, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, vegetarian cooking.  The choice is yours!