Clean and Lean in 13

Clean and Lean in 13 Nutrition Reboot

We faithfully change the oil in our cars and the filters in our heaters to eliminate the impurities that build up over time which could hinder the performance of these mechanical devices.  So, why is it that we do not apply the same logic to our bodies?   You may be asking yourself right now why in the world you should do a cleanse.  I can give you many reasons:

  1. You will seriously feel great.
  2. You will have tons of energy.
  3. Your skin will be radiant.
  4. To rid yourself of the overwhelming number of toxins and chemicals that have accumulated in your body.
  5. To fuel your body with delicious whole foods
  6. And, yes, to lose weight.  However, you will gain that weight right back if you don’t change the way you eat thereafter. I believe that food-based cleanses are best for the body and the easiest to stick with.  I also believe in elimination cleanses.  Taking out the most common allergy triggers and seeing how your body feels without consuming wheat, dairy, caffeine and sugar and then slowly adding them back in.

Feel the Drastic Difference…

…in less than two weeks with the Clean and Lean in 13 Program.  Not only will you lose weight but you will be able to see how a delicious healthy diet can transform your energy level and have you sleeping better.  This program helps kick start your metabolism so that you start losing weight and living better.  This is a high antioxidant based food cleanse.  I have found that food-based cleanses are best for the body as well as the easiest to stick with.  You will be eating lots of fruits, vegetables, healthy grains and, if desired, animal proteins.  It is 14 days in all, starting with a three day pre-cleanse and a 14th reflection day.   During the course of the first nine days you will be eliminating both dairy and gluten.  The reason for this is that these two food groups tend to be allergy triggers for many.  By eliminating these foods from one’s diet, you are better able to see how your body feels and digests.  We will then add them back in one at a time to determine how your body handles digestion of these common allergy triggers.

Clean and Lean for Individuals Includes:

  • Health history and customized questionnaire used to tailor your individual food-based plan.
  • Daily motivational emails to keep you focused.
  • Unlimited email support with a guaranteed response within 48 hours.
  • One hour meeting either in person or phone/Skype if not in the Westchester area to go over the plan.
  • Starting measurements and ultra sound body composition to track your body fat percentage, muscle mass, excess fat, healthy fat & more.
  • Help navigating restaurants, events, vacations, etc.
  • Motivational and emotional support throughout your journey.