I came across this interesting article about choosing the perfect recipe that I wanted to share.  Many people think that you need good cooking skills to be a good home cook.  However, I do not believe this to be the case.  What I do believe to be important is how to choose the right recipe.  Here are my go-to ideas to make this happen. 

  1. Find reliable sources from which to choose from; be it a cook book or the internet or perhaps a friend.
  2. Keep your goals in mind.- do you want it to be short, simple, healthy, etc.
  3. Choose recipes based on your cooking skill, as much as for appeal. 
  4. When you need to go fast, choose recipes with fewer ingredients. Period. You can make fresh, nutritious meals using pantry ingredients, especially if you start thinking about your freezer as part of your pantry. When you shop for a specific meal that you are sure you are going to cook, such as for a special occasion, go all out on the fresh ingredients. Otherwise, consider looking for recipes that pair a handful of fresh ingredients with affordable pantry ingredients that do not go bad, including canned chickpeas, frozen spinach or peas, tomato sauce, and rice or other dried grains.
  5. Consider the active cooking time. Unless you have very good knife skills, recipes will always take longer than they say. Determine how much chopping you will need to do.

With the right recipe in hand, you will be amazed at the meals you can throw together, whether for a get-together or a quick week night. And, yes, even if you think you are a terrible cook.  Because, with the right recipe, nobody is that bad.