Are you struggling with middle age weight gain? ARE YOU EXPERIENCING HOT FLASHES? I WAS TOO!!!!

Each and every woman will experience menopause at some point in her life, usually between her late 40s and early 50s. This new phase of your life MUST come with changes in your nutrition and exercise in order to remain as healthy as possible.

This is why I created the CHAPTER THREE lifestyle plan. It is formulated to help alleviate these effects.

CHAPTER THREE is a smart, easy approach to eating that will keep you satisfied and full of energy, while promoting weight loss and metabolism boosting muscle growth. Sarcopenia, Osteoporosis and low bone density. Get used to hearing these words.  Did you know that you could lose up to 40% of your muscle mass between the ages of 40 and 80, which can then lead to weight gain? Sound familiar? As you know, the risks associated with weight gain are cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.


I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t relate to the twentysomethings on Instagram flashing their abs and perfect beach bodies. At a certain age, your body doesn’t bounce back like it used to. No more could I just diet for a couple of weeks, do a few sit-ups and re achieve the body I once had. My quick fix solutions no longer worked; giving up fats, carbs etc. got me nowhere and I was more depressed after weeks of depriving myself only to see no movement on the scale or in my cloths. The reason for this, again, is that as we age, we are losing muscle. Muscle is directly linked to your resting metabolic rate, thus we are not burning what we used to. Throw in the towel you might be thinking? Accept a new body? NO!! Learn how to eat for this new phase of life. Yes, I know there are so many diets/exercise programs out there; paleo, keto, high fat, low fat no fat, no carbs good carbs, plant based, HIIT, running, Stairmaster, yoga, Pilates, CrossFit workout daily!!!! My head was spinning trying to keep up with the good and the bad and I just NEEDED AND WANTED SOMEONE TO EXPLAIN TO ME how to do this and the why behind what they were saying to get the results I wanted. Oh, and could it be quick and efficient, too? Because with a career and kids, I don’t have all day to chop veggies and cook daily. I know diet and fitness are inextricably linked. I know that you can work out all day, but if what you put in your body is at cross-purposes to your body goals, you won’t get the results you want.

AFTER SEARCHING HIGH AND LOW I created CHAPTER THREE. My program is based on my research, my exploration of different studies and different information out there and has been tested. Over the last 6 years I have worked with 100’s of clients; both men and woman as well as teenagers. Most of my clients have seen results with my shred it programs however for menopause I needed to revamp my program as well as add in ideas for combating hot flashes.

CHAPTER THREE is a tried and true plan based on science. You need to eat in order to lose weight. YES, I did just say that. But you need to know what to eat. Why to eat it, how much to eat and when, to optimize your individual goals. You need to really understand what a food is. BEANS are carbs, they are a starch, but they contain fiber. This is what you will learn when you work with me. I will tell you about products that I buy for my household and I will explain why I buy them and more importantly where you can find them. After working with me, you will be armed and knowledgeable to make the RIGHT decisions and really know why you are making them. You will learn how to eat to stoke your metabolism and shed excess pounds-designed to keep you satisfied, happy and fueled for your day. You will be losing weight the right way; from fat and not from muscle. Again, back to what I said earlier about low bone density. You need to do whatever you can to maintain muscle mass not lose it!!

I don’t want you spending hours a day slaving over a stovetop. Who has time? I will teach you how to do food prep: cooking large amounts in advance so you have all your meals ready for the coming days.  SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO DO THIS.  Again, just a suggestion. Perhaps you portion prepared foods into containers so that you can take your meals/ snacks with you on the go if that is what your lifestyle calls for. If you are like me, I don’t have time to cook daily, but I know the importance of having the right foods in my household is another key to my success. It cuts down on excuses and getting hungry at wrong times and making poor choices. Sound familiar? This will allow for you to stay on track with your diet and cut down on time in the kitchen. That’s a win-win. If dining out is part of your daily routine, then we will discuss what to order and how to order it beginning on day 1.

Often, when new clients come to me, I observe crash-diet mentalities. They think they will diet and lose the weight, and then just go back to their old lifestyle. They believe the new healthy habits they will develop are just temporary. This is one of the most common barriers I see with clients, when it comes to maintaining results year after year. Permanent changes are required for long-lasting results. LETS FACE IT, YOUR BODY IS NOW DIFFERENT. WHAT WORKED IN YOUR 20’S YOUR 30’S AND MAYBE YOUR 40’S DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE. Your metabolism has slowed, your body is not producing the same hormones it once did, your muscle mass is different and thus you NEED to learn how to eat for this new phase of life. Ultimately, if we want different physiques, we must adopt new lifestyles permanently. We need to embrace this change wholeheartedly in order to be our healthiest and happiest selves. It is not a punishment to treat our bodies well; it is a gift.

My plan is based on macro nutrients and learning what and how much to eat. I do not believe in counting calories. I believe in feeding my body with fresh, minimally-processed food as often as possible. 

I work individually with each client. What works for one does not work for all. Some can eat dairy or gluten others cannot. It is not a one size fits all plan. I learn about how you currently eat and what you like to eat and then I make it better. Let’s face it, if you don’t like what you are eating you are never going to make this a new norm. I take the recipes you like, the products you like and introduce you to those that are better and consistent with your life goals. Again, allowing you to make this your new lifestyle way of eating. Exercise, hydration, sleep, stress, relationships are all discussed and are all important to leading a healthy lifestyle. If you were like me and suffer from hot flashes, we will discuss different things to try to combat this as well. Again, what works for one does not work for all but I will help with suggestions as hot flashes was something I just could not live with and, luckily, through many different attempts, I am happy to say I am hot flash free now!!!  You don’t have to just accept your new body or tolerate the uncomfortable. Contact me now to start to take back the control.

We need to eat differently in this new phase of life. That is why I created CHAPTER THREE.  A macro-based diet which consists of eating proteins, SMART CARBS and healthy fats at every meal. I Adjust portions to get you back to your “happy weight” I work individually with my clients educating them on foods, different products, where to find them and helping you make the recipes you know, and love, meet your goals. I educate you on what to eat in a restaurant, how to order it and yes alcohol is allowed! I have you eating fresh, minimally-processed food as often as possible. My mission is not just to help you reach your goal but to stay at your goal and develop healthy habits for life.

Include These Add-Ons In Your Program:

  • Supermarket tour where you shop
  • Two hour cooking session in your home

For more information, contact me at to discuss how you can prepare or alleviate the affects of peri-menopause/ menopause TODAY and live the life you deserve feeling your best in CHAPTER THREE.