Boot Camp Cleanse

This is a strict eating program that is not for the wary.  I am going to need you to be strong!  I am going to need you to have will power.  You are going to need to dig deep.  Let’s be honest, it takes TIME and effort to get the weight off.  You will be eating 4 meals a day every 4 hours, so if you are hungry, that is a good thing.  You may have cravings.  Suck it up.  And, you are going to need to work out.  JUST DO IT!  Haven’t you heard that strong is the new SEXY!! .  You are going to need to get sleep (7-8 hours) and you are going to need to drink lots of water!!!  If I have not scared you yet then this is the right program for YOU!!!

The program will consist of eliminating processed foods, sugar and alcohol.  You will be eating whole, real foods as close to the ground as possible.  This will hopefully help to rewind the damage done.  The cost will be $150 and will include the meal plans, accountability during the course of the program, a group supermarket tour as well as emails to keep you motivated during the program.  The set  up will be similar to the Biggest Loser.  I will require/encourage all participants to let me know their weigh-in number at the start of the program and  on the last day of the program. The person who loses the biggest percentage will receive 20% off one of my programs.

*if this program is being run out of a gym, I will be present at the facility to do body comps before and after.